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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Baill

February 16, 2021

Ryan BaillI began my journey with ProSource 360 in the HubZone program with the intention of balancing out my freelance career in entertainment concert and festival management with the stability of ProSource 360 as a Travel Coordinator. Shortly after being hired in February 2020, after being trained and introduced to the company, I was ready to assist with booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. Unfortunately, I would never have the chance, as the intersection of my training would coincide with a pandemic lockdown.

At the beginning of lockdown, I was actually on the beach 4 hours outside of Panama City, Panama, assessing the sustainability of an event called Tribal Gathering. Two days after I left Panama, the festival was put on lockdown by the Panamanian government. After this, my fully packed festival and concert management schedule began to look grim. My employers were canceling their yearly shows and I was scrambling as my book of business had been reduced to the occasional drive in church and virtual event. I saw this as an opportunity to go back to school and enamored with the stock market and how money moves hands, I began my Master of Science in Finance at Georgia State University.

I began receiving emails from Miya Griggs, ProSource 360’s program manager, telling me how ProSource planned to pivot my role and asking me what I was interested in. I started to track the HubZone’s tasks, created written content for our website, and eventually had a role change to a junior business analyst working with the business development team. I was fully involved in contract research, learning about how government business and contracting is done from Christina Edwards, and really getting a sense of how ProSource 360’s core competencies are applied in the contract process.

What began as a way to supplement my income and provide healthcare benefits became a lifeline! As time went on, I started to become more and more invested in the company, what we do, and the fantastic leadership attitudes and styles of CEO Ben Skyles and COO Jon Moulthrop.

Now, I am proud to be filling a new role as a Project Coordinator, working with the Pentagon in assistance with their HBCU Diversity and Inclusion program. I am so excited to see where this new role takes me and I look forward to grow with the ProSource 360 family.