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Taking the Pentagon to the People

November 13, 2020
In September, ProSource360 Consulting Services was selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) to manage the agency’s “Taking the Pentagon to the People” program, an outreach effort designed to promote employment opportunities at the DoD to underrepresented communities.

Being run out of the DoD’s Diversity Management Operations Center (DMOC), the program calls for expanded public and community outreach efforts through internships, contracts, grants, scholarships, and research and development programs. It also promotes an increasingly significant presence of minorities and minority institutions in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline, return-on-investment programs, and DoD workforce development.

ProSource360 is excited to provide skilled consultation services and onsite/virtual workshops between DoD and key STEM personnel at diverse colleges, universities, trade schools, apprentice programs, STEM initiative programs, and affinity organizations. Our support will establish and expand strategic relationships and help the DMOC meet its overarching goal to strengthen the DoD Total Workforce talent and diversity.

“We’re proud to once again partner with the DoD to proactively bring more equity, diversity, and inclusion to the federal workforce.” “There’s a new generation of brilliant minds just waiting for an opportunity to contribute their talents and skills to this nation, for the benefit of all,” said ProSource360 President and CEO Ben Skyles.