ProSource360 Presented with Nunn-Perry Award

On August 17, 2017, we will be presented with the prestigious 2016 Nunn-Perry Award in recognition of the excellent Mentor-Protégé relationship between ProSource360 Consulting Services and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services (HPE). Through presentation of the Nunn-Perry Awards, the Department of Defense (DoD) seeks to recognize outstanding program performance by Mentor-Protégé teams formed under the auspices of the DoD Mentor- Protégé Program. According to Acting Director at the Office of Small Business Programs James J. Galvin, Jr., “Your partnership demonstrated exemplary results in the areas of technical assistance, return on investment, quality, and Protégé development. These results are important to DoD because they enhance the Department’s Small Business industrial base in areas of greatest technical need.” ProSource360 would like to extend gratitude to HPE for their relentless mentorship support.

For information on the Nunn-Perry award winners, visit the following link.