CRISP Innovation Award

We are pleased to announce the VA Med Cyber Program has been selected as the 2017 FedHealthIT Innovation Award winner. Med Cyber is one of the most concerning weaknesses addressed by CRISP vulnerabilities and vital to the VA’s mission and can directly impact veteran health.

Various security controls were implemented to secure this Internet of Things (IoT) domain while continuing to allow veterans, medical professionals, Biomedical IT engineers, and manufacturers their necessary access. IoT security within industry continues to evolve and this program is on the leading edge using techniques applied within SCADA and Operational Technology (OT) environments such as scans and remediation, manufacturer and industry collaboration, networking controls and choke points, and automated continuous monitoring and mitigation for unauthorized changes.

Our staff working closely with our VA partners have made significant improvements around the Medical Device Isolation Architecture (MDIA) and this type of recognition is outstanding for the VA and I am real proud of our staff supporting this critically important work

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